My 2017 in 12 images

I had the opportunity to make all kinds of different trips this year. Some nearby in different parts of Holland and some far away especially to South Asia. While selecting the images for this overview I realised that I did not have the time to process them all and that I did not take enough time to showcase the images of these trips on this site.

I thank you all for following my site and which you all a very healthy and happy 2018!

JANUARY: On my way to an apointment in the centre of Utrecht, one of the main cities in Holland.


FEBRUARY: It is snowing in my hometown.

Feb2017_ SnowatHome_HildaWeges

MARCH: A trip for an European education and sustainability project to Vilnius in Lithuania


APRIL: On my way in the Algarve in Portugal


MAY: A trip for an European ducation and sustainability project to Zagreb in Croatia


JUNE: On my way  with friends in South Sussex in Great Britain

Skyline Eastbourne, Sussex, United Kingdom

JULY: A roundtrip with my family through Sri Lanka


AUGUST: Visiting the famous Planetarium in Franeker with my parents


SEPTEMBER: Walking the Maarten van Rossum Trail along the Dutch rivers with my brother and sister.

Tradiitonal windmill in Waardenburg, Gelderland, teh Netherlands

OCTOBER: A citytrip with my husband to Groningen, our home during our studie.


NOVEMBER: A special studytrip to Java Island Indonesia  with a good colleague and friend searching for the remains of the colonial time in Jakarta, Semarang and Soerabaya

Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

DECEMBER: A peaceful weekend along the seaside with my husband in IJmuiden, Holland



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